Formerly a Web Design Specialist, I am now a Database Developer working for JBC Software in Forest Grove, Oregon.

As a Database Developer, my main role is to manage data flow from external sources, through our systems, and then to a variety of report systems that make sense for the type and breadth of data.  I have been certified as a Tableau Report Specialist for Tableau 9.  I also work daily with sql databases, SSIS (SQL Server Information Services) transferring data between sources and destinations, SSAS (Sql Server Analysis Services) creating cubes of data ready for reporting, SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) – displaying data in a report system, and Excel Pivot tables – which pull data from cubes – and reports the aggregated data in easy to manage forms.

When I worked as an independent Web Designer, I used to specialize in HTML5, CSS3, I was on the cutting edge of working with responsive design, javascript and worked heavily with photoshop, and InDesign to manage images and layouts.

This section/Category is about my work – past and present – and ideas, habits and new frontiers that I am anxious to share.